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The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

Misokinesia, Misophonia, and Mirror Neurons

Sometimes we miss the obvious. Sometimes scientific connections stare us in the face, and we don’t see them, and therefore they are left unexplored. Mercede Erfanian, a prominent misophonia researcher at the University College of London, recently directed my attention to the importance of the relationship between misokinesia, misophonia, and new findings regarding the involvement of movement in misophonia…
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No, Misophonia is Not OCD, Stop Saying it Is

Misophonia is definitely not OCD. I say that, because I have both Misophonia and OCD, and yet some researchers are still conflating the two. I’m not entirely sure why researchers are so keen on misophonia being related with OCD. I’m not even sure why an OCD researcher would keep claiming this when the current science…
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Groundbreaking Research on the Motor Basis for Misophonia

An interview with Sukhbinder Kumar and Mercede Erfanian. Would you describe the major findings of your study, “The motor basis for misophonia” (Journal of Neuroscience, 2021) In our recent study, we have observed that in misophonia sufferers: The pre-motor cortex that controls the movement of the throat, lips, and the face is involuntarily and automatically over-activated…
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Not All Research is Good (Or Even Ethical) Research

Since misophonia is a newer disorder, and one in which the consensus is still being reached, there is a lot of room for “researchers” to get things wrong. In-fact, getting things wrong is often and important part of the scientific approach. This is why replication is one of the most important things in studies—if something…
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