About The IMRN

The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

Misophonia is a relatively new term, but we are not starting from scratch.

“Misophonia” is a relatively new term. However, “auditory over-responsivity,”  and  “auditory sensitivities” have been studied for decades. In fact,  the different ways in which the brain (or the nervous system) reacts to sounds  have been studied in neuroscience for half a century.

What does science tell us so far?

Misophonia appears to be a neurologically based disorder in which certain auditory stimuli are misinterpreted as dangerous. Individuals with misophonia are set off, or “triggered” by repetitive, patterned-based sounds, such as chewing, coughing, pencil tapping, sneezing, etc. Some individuals with misophonia also describe visual triggers.These stimuli, or triggers, cause severe physiological and emotional stress.

Sounds (and sights) that other people may not even notice can make a person with misophonia feel bombarded by stimuli and can even propel them into the “fight/flight” response

The IMRN consists of sufferers and doctors working together to support science that leads to treatment and better practice standards for misophonia. The IMRN  facilitates research through crowd sourcing and other funding strategies. We are in the trenches with you and together we will make the research happen. We do not accept any donations ourselves, we fundraise for researchers we choose.